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Intrinsic Financial Design Group

Intrinsic Financial Design Group


Intrinsic Financial Design Group is a team of financial professionals working together to create a financial plan tailored to your individual situation and built around your intrinsic values. Life changes, the unplanned happens; we stay by your side so you can live your best life. Today, Tomorrow, Together

Stephen (Steve) Waechter started our financial planning practice in 1980. He was driven to join the insurance and financial industry after seeing his mother be taken advantage of by a life insurance company after the sudden and tragic death of his father due to an accident. He read every financial book he could get his hands on at the time and officially became licensed and joined the industry in 1980 with the vision of protecting and educating regular people about insurance and finance; he never wanted to see any other people put in the situation his mom was put in.

Sophia Lanting, Steve's daughter, began working with Steve formally in 2007 after being immersed in the financial planning culture her entire life. She shares the same passion that Steve does to educate and collaborate in order to make sure people are using their means as efficiently as possible to live by their own values. Sophia took over the lead role in 2018 as Steve chose to step back and begin the transition to retirement. Also in 2018, we decided to use the name Intrinsic Financial Design Group to provide the practice with continuity in marketing as time passes and leadership roles evolve. Every person associated with Intrinsic Financial Design Group is carefully selected so that their values match the values associated with our practice rooted in long lasting relationships and collaboration. 

We are a predominantly woman financial planning firm, a rarity in this industry, with 4 female Wealth Advisors and we continue to grow. As a robust group of genuine caring professionals focused on collaborating with you to identify your values and walk with you through life's ups and downs. In 2020 we partnered with West Ridge Accounting because we recognize the importance of working closely with all of the professionals in our clients' lives'. Whether you need complex financial planning, an exit strategy from a small-business, a new employer-sponsored retirement plan, are navigating a recent divorce or family member death, or are a young adult just starting out, we have an advisor to fit your situation and walk with you as you navigate the road of life. Today, Tomorrow, Together.