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About Intrinsic Financial Design Group

We have built our practice with families in mind and are fortunate to work with multiple generations of families striving to help ensure each generation is able to live their best life. There is a sense of pride among the team at Intrinsic Financial Design Group, attributed to seeing older generations move along the path to pursuing their goals while the youngest generations start to establish their own goals, with the guidance and encouragement of their advisor and family. We believe the coaching that we are able to provide to each generation is strengthened by the knowledge and familiarity of each family's unique dynamics.

Our practice is unique as Steve has been with Waddell & Reed since 1981. Sophia began working with Steve formally in 2007 and is also Steve's daughter, she has been immersed in the financial planning culture her entire life. Patti chose to join our practice in February 2015 after she and her husband chose to settle and build their family here in Colorado. Allison joined Intrinsic Financial Design Group in March 2018, initially to help while Patti was on maternity leave, but has chosen to stay on full-time. 

In 2018 we chose to use the marketing name Intrinsic Financial Design Group, to provide the practice with continuity in marketing as time passes and leadership roles evolve. Every person associated with Intrinsic FInancial Design Group is carefully selected so that their values match the values associated with our practice rooted in collaboration.

Allison acts as a non-registered associated person of Waddell & Reed, Inc.  She is authorized to assist Advisors with Waddell & Reed with approved activities.  She is prohibited from soliciting, creating a market or account for any securities, investment advisory or insurance services.  These activities are the sole responsibility of the Advisors she supports.  In addition, she is not authorized to enter into any contractual obligations on behalf of Waddell & Reed, Inc. or otherwise bind the firm.