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Importance of Employee Financial Wellness Education

June 27, 2023

Having worked with business owners in establishing retirement plans, we have repeatedly encountered several concerns from plan participants.  Some of which include:

Paying off student loans vs. funding retirement accounts?

How much should I have in an emergency fund?

Traditional vs Roth?

How do I create a budget?

What do I do with my former employer’s retirement accounts?


Surveys have repeatedly shown that more than half of Americans list finances as one of their top stressors.  These concerns can be a great disruptor in a person’s life, often leading to poor workplace performance and attendance. 

Adopting a financial wellness program has helped employees to focus on gaining the education and resources needed to be successful in achieving their financial goals.  Many people look to an employer for assistance with overall health and wellness, and what additional benefits or programs they are offering.


At IFDG, we specialize in financial planning, designing a plan suited to help individuals confidently tackle any concerns they may have.  In working with IFDG as your retirement plan advisor, we can help take the mystery out of investing by providing education to your employees on investment and budgeting basics.  We can tailor additional presentations based on your unique business and employee needs. Working with an investment professional helps individuals to feel knowledgeable about their investment decisions, while knowing they have a resource to contact when concerns arise.


Contact us to review your current retirement plan to determine if it is the best suited to meet your business’ and employees’ needs.  We can collaborate to create a retirement plan and financial wellness program that would maximize benefits to your employees and your business.