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Patricia Dimmer

Patricia Dimmer

Partner, Wealth Advisor

Patti excitedly joined our team in February of 2016 and has been an integral part of daily operations since. She is available to meet with both new and existing clients to review accounts and work through financial planning. Patti’s favorite part of Financial Planning is collaborating with clients to find their core financial and non-financial priorities and helping them achieve their goals. While working with clients in all different life stages, she enjoys hearing how different each person’s unique stories are, and about how the financial planning process has been involved in their successes.

Outside of the office Patti primarily enjoys spending time with her family, consisting of her husband, Aaron, and their daughter Lillian.  Born in May of 2018, Lillian came into their life and has kept them busy ever since. They enjoy finding new activities that include their daughter; current favorites are exploring new parks and dancing to Baby Shark on repeat. Patti is a native of Nebraska and moved to Colorado in 2004. She enjoys the beauty of the state, particularly the trees changing colors in the fall. 

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